8 May 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier 2012 summer fragrance elegant release, the release of the pleasant aroma of summer!

Between Hong love! Jean Paul Gaultier 2012 summer fragrance "Classique" seductive body as if the light wrapped in dressed in a summer forest shirts, while her male partner, "Le Male" is a naked strong chest wound to show tropical lush foliage jungle rugged male charm, the perfect bottle design to make the most fragrant meaning of the expression of slow living, comfortable swimming in the Qin Liang pleasure of the green and enjoy the urban jungle!

Classique and Le Male, born of a right. Midnight or in the summer time, in the show are the perfect tacit understanding between the lover and unique style. Season bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier design interlaced with lush foliage, exotic flowers and trailing vines wrapped around the male and female bottle, hot summer stemming the flow of a breath of fresh coolness.

Classique, 100ml summer fragrance

Before taste, rose and orange blossom strife Yan, adding to the Sicilian clementines, oranges add a touch of fresh. Then accompanied by jasmine, seductive fragrance of Ylang tree, lily of the valley and white iris, and finally to the intoxicating vanilla, fresh musk and plant amber, with a perfect end of.

Le Male, 125ml Stimulating

Summer Fragrance This summer perfume is still combined with vanilla, musk and sandalwood as the main tone, at the beginning, a touch of distributing the fragrance of fresh and the scent of people of his voice, later lavender, mint and cardamom filled with shade fragrance, the release of pleasure summer Scent!

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