13 Sep 2013

Best Wedding Guest Dresses Styles in 2013

How can we know the latest fashion trends? I get information from television, and some fashion shows, such as the Paris Fashion Week or Milan fashion show. There are many stunning designs born in the show. I have often admired the beauty of the T-stage models can wear a beautiful dress and walk through the stage elegantly in cat walk. But in real life, I prefer more comfortable. For example, I have to attend the wedding ceremony. What can I wear on the special days? Of course, I need some elegant wedding guests dress.

First, I want to get some complicated prom dresses cheap, which I can choose the right dress for myself. I also hope that my whole figure will be harmonious. Like this one. I will consider my gown and comfortable.

On the one hand, I do not want my dress is easy. On the other hand, I have to be humble, do not know frivolous. Colorful clothes my best friend's wedding is not perfect and appropriate. Typically, such a bride and groom on the wedding wishes depends on many topics. For example, if the bride will wear a plain white silk wedding dress, you can choose a pink dress with her.

How about this purple prom dress which features in a shoulder style? In 2013, I can say that one shoulder prom dresses are very popular. In fact, some semi-formal dress, also suitable in a solemn wedding ceremony. Just keep good manners. From other people, you will win applause.

If you're still interested in some wedding party dresses, you can also search in google. There are many affordable and sophisticated style in your face. Just make the right choice.

5 Sep 2013

Simple also beautiful: 2014 Blue Willow Bride

Today, clean lines of the wedding has been gaining popularity, compared to the romantic tutu, sexy fishtail skirt better bring out the bride's full feminine. 2014 Blue Willow Bride new drape strong, more sense of the lines sketched bride, stretching visual effects.

When the girl put on a wedding dress at the moment, that can grow into a woman. Fairy tale princess has become the past, and know how to make their own transformation was more feminine, is married to every bride's significance.

27 Aug 2013

Olivia Palermo's several street style

The first New York socialite Olivia Palermo have a beautiful, young and wealth, is among the new star at the junction of New York high society. As a New York high society hot beauty,, Olivia Palermo must of course also good at dressup! So,let's have a look Olivia Palermo's several street style.

Sexy lace dress with metal chain sling bag, a pair of sunglasses

Light blue shirt with White Chiffon pleated dress, a metal chain blue gray bag and pair of leopard print flats

White dress with a pair of casual shoes

Khaki Shorts with a white shirt, a pair of nude sandals, walk in the street

Hole jeans with a white T-shirt

Sexy white short sleeved hollow, deep V, with color stripe print dress, woven bag!

Black and white, small white vest, very sexy.

Pleated dress with a blue coat

Floral dress for Summer

Printed chiffon dress, Rome sandal, vintage and perfect

16 Aug 2013

Choose the best Slimming Wedding Dress!

Swelling the traditional wedding dresses aside. Choose what is most noticeable thin wedding dress! Recommend 7 kinds of slimming wedding dresses for you, absolutely make you feel attached to clothing, thin, gorgeous and moving.

Slimming Wedding Dress 1: stereo exaggeration
Complex beadwork and exquisite scallop in shell decoration not only for his princess dress ready.

Slimming Wedding Dress 2: one shoulder wedding dress
A short cape as flowers bloom, you can add three-dimensional appearance and a little bit of mystery.

Slimming Wedding Dress 3: Modified base
Chiffon petals scattered on the long drag skirt for this Slim lace wedding cast a dream-like color of God.

Slimming Wedding Dress 4: Fresh Temptation
Mesh embroidery make this conservative wrapped shoulder dress fall fashions nowadays, it reveals a hint of even the taboo temptations.

Slimming Wedding Dress 5: simple and elegant
Compared to the clean-cut tight money, elegant goddess-style dress seemed softer, more romantic.

Slimming Wedding Dress 6: dress with gorgeous back
If your wedding is not covered by layers of tulle, then exposed part of the skin can definitely titillating.

Slimming Wedding Dress 7: Rotate the curve
These asymmetric stretch seamless stitching elongated contours of the body, creating the effect beyond your imagination. It allows you to head to toe look thin.