12 Apr 2012

Spring and summer of 2012, Chanel "Ombre de Charme" is a series of jewelery tours, interpretation of the aesthetic mood of graceful poetry. Black and white abstract beauty.

Poetry brought about by the jewelry with dazzling light, a warmth in the light flows slowly. Falls, Chanel 2012 spring and summer jewelry new release, diamond consisting of graphics and pearl decorated in black and white contrast, the ensemble completely new variations.

Chanel 2012 spring and summer jewelry new release "Lueur d'un Soir" a series of fine jewelry. Abstract contrast of black and white two main color, the idea of a cutting-edge art melt into the creation of fine jewelry. Next, it is followed by the joy of compiled code together to enjoy the Chanel of Haute Joaillerie to bring the enjoyment of the visual in the strange world of jewelry, in a different topic, Chanel jewelry interpretation of the same with graceful poetry.

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